Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Home Alone

No! I'm not talking about that crappy film featuring the worlds ugliest kid, but I am home alone. It's absolute bliss, not having my dad breathing down my neck every ten minutes. I know, I know, I sound like some little brat who hates his parents, nah, I don't!, but my lord my dad can be annoying hahah!. I have my favourite room (the kitchen) all to myself, to cook myself meals for a week (so no food poisoning off my dad! - true story), I get to do what I want for a week. It's heavenly.

I went shopping at ASDA yesterday for a weeks shopping, I originally made myself a shopping list of stuff to get me through, which came to about £16, but due to my bargain hunting sixth sense, I got everything I needed (and more) for only £10.50! I was rather chuffed with myself. Extra money happiness came from when on Sunday, I found a £5 note lying on the floor when I went to the corner shop for some pastry to make a pie, so I bought myself 8 cans of lager.

Also, whilst being home alone, I can clean the house in my own time, and not being told to do it NOW by my dad, in fact, only ten minutes ago I swept and mopped the kitchen, the floor is drying, and I am starving for a bacon sammich, and I am regretting doing it all in the wrong order. I also need to pop out for milk for brew purposes (because, remember, I love tea!! :D

I'm gonna stop writing now, and yeah, chance the floor and get something to eat!

Remember to come see my band, Peter Simple at West Coast Rock Club Above on 4th April.

Love me,


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