Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Ahhh, what a day

Today has been a wonderfully nice day. The sun has been shining, it's been gloriously warm, and I wasn't stuck inside!!

Even though it isn't officially summer until about this time next month, it sure feels like summer, and we've already had more of it than last year, with it's blink and you miss it summer season.

Today, I was woken up by Roo, and I got up and went down to the control room, got my laptop out, and went on MSN. When on there, my good friend Eloise asked me to go out for a walk with her, so she got in a taxi and came round to the studio. We started off the day by me showing off the size of the projection screen, we took photos stood next to a massive picture of her tits. We're pretty classy, I don't know if I've ever mentioned that.

We went out onto the promenade, and walked down it, with a can of pop each. I felt like reminiscing my childhood, and opted for a can of Shandy Bass, something I used to always drink at my nanna and grandad's, usually with a packet of Walkers Prawn Cocktail Crisps, whilst reading The Dandy and The Beano (The Beano was WAY better in my opinion). So, we were walking along the promenade, got up to Central Pier, and decided to go on the big wheel, something, in my almost 21 years of life in Blackpool, I've never been on. Ever. It was great fun, and as you can see, El loved it!!

"Hi, My name is El, and I'm fucking terrified!"

After scaring El on the big wheel (the reason she looks so scared, is because not only I was trying to spin it round by grabbing the pole in the middle, the ride operator of the wheel span it round when we came to the bottom on seeing me trying to spin it... twice), we carried on walking up the promenade, stopping for photo opportunities, such as me walking along the wall that follows the promenade, which I think is a cracking photo.

"Hi my name is Kris... now admire my skills of walking!"

We eventually made it all the way to the worlds biggest mirror ball, and hung out there, had a good sit down too (we were shattered, walking in heat like today!). We popped over the road, went into the solaris centre (which is a complete waste of time if I'm being honest), we went down onto Highfield road, popped into B&M bargains, bought ourselves some San Miguel, a can of G&T for El (my birthday present for her) and a can of salt and pepper cashew nuts. Went a bit further down the road to the Tesco, and I got myself a pasta and chicken bowl.

We carried on further down the road and sat on the grass in the park and had a picnic! Look at us lounging about, having fun!!
What better things could you suggest for such a summery day?

Oh... I know! How about a BBQ when I got back to the studio? Well that's what we did have ourselves for tea when I got back to the studio, and glorious it was.

A day, crammed with Shandy Bass, Central Pier, The Big Wheel, The Worlds Largest Mirrorball, The Solaris Centre, B&M Bargains (who sell cheap booze!! :D), Tesco, Picnic, BBQ with jerk chicken, chipolata chorizo sausages, smoked bacon chops, burgers and some nice fancy flatbreads. Washed down with beer (including the amazing Cobra Lemon Grass Beer, which I think I have mentioned before.

I'm off to drink more beer now, and be more sociable.